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Throw A Lil' Glitter On It!

August 9, 2015

Why is it that when you want things to go all rainbow, sparkles, and rocky road ice- cream (one of my faves), that's when you get that trembling storm that turns your lights off, that glitter stuck to every inch of your body, that you can't get off for weeks, and that old, frost-bit, what you once called delicious treat?  I don't know why it happens, but it does.  It's called Life!  Everything you planned doesn't always work out the way you wanted.  Believe me, I know.  I had no idea that I would be here, with a full-time career, a "b-ball team" of kids, as so many people joke about (insert eye rolling here), and a health and wellness business that sometimes has me questioning if people really are interested in getting healthy, or just looking for discounts.  It's a sad, sad world my friends, but honestly, we only have a temporary life to practice.  We need to change the way we view things that we once wrote home about.  Who has time for moaning when in real life, it's not that important.  This full-time career that I mention, well it takes care of my family.  This NBA team that I manage, they actually manage me.  LOL  Seriously, the freshness of children can really lighten a mood.  Not to mention, they are a great excuse for going to watch a cool kiddie movie, cracking corny jokes, and dancing like a mad per


son.  Last but not least, being a wellness coach.  Ahhhhhh...it brings me pure joy.  Being able to impact others, by creating a resilient life for themselves and their families, is my way of doing service unto God.  With it, I feel that he smiles upon me.  I love it!

So, what did you say about things not going your way?  If you just breathe and close your eyes, you'll see a different story.  The lights cut off, but those candles provide for a relaxing night over a candle-lit dinner, that glitter stuck on everything provides a bit of "pizzaz" for an imaginary Dream Girls show you've been waiting to perform for some poor human that really didn't ask for it, and that frozen mess that you considered to eat; maybe what you really NEEDED was a soothing bubble bath that would take you away instead of feeding your emotions with things that do nothing but offer regret.

I must say, all this candle, glitter, bubble bath talk makes a Mama feel like she's in need of some let-loose time.  Time for some creative planning!

Be well my loves, and don't forget...be aware of the things that come your way and accept the things that you cannot change.  IF that doesn't work, buy a wig!


Love and Light,


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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